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Default Re: Standard Interior in a 30 Town Sedan?

Thanks for all the feedback so far.
This will be my first Model A. Yes, I am aware of all the wood in these cars. I had thought about the lighter A's, but I like the looks of the fordors. From what I saw of the car, all of the door lines were well lined up. Opening and closing of the doors was very precise compared to others that I have seen.
I guess my real problem is authenticity. My other old cars are all matching numbers straight stock. For example, the Model T in my avatar has the original matching engine. Added accessories are the period taxi cab bumpers and rear view mirror. The side curtains are custom made so they are not as original. But as far as the rest of the car, it has been maintained as when it was originally built.
If I can live with the incorrect interior, does the exterior look correct?
Maybe I am being a little bit too picky???
Tom L.
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