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Default Re: Hot Rodding Methods

'Mallory Magspark'

What's that?

'1960 Ford Starliner with the 352 Interceptor engine Cruisamatic'

The first FE's were smallish.Earlier all makes OHV V8's were too.

Think it was the casting techniques were not good enough yet.

Lincoln,Mercury and Edsel 383, 410 and 430 were first 'Ford Motors' big ones.

'Racer Brown had written articles on the new for 1955 Chevrolet V-8'

Been reading the same kind of thing.Interesting as all get out.

'part numbers for the entire innards of the Fuel Injection Corvette available not from aftermarket sources.'

That is the way Ford Motorsports and Chrysler Direct Connection and Chevrolet something work.

Guess Racer Brown was a pioneer of that.
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