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If you don't do your own mechanical work on an engine then you are sort of at the mercy of those that do. Engines don't like to set too long without being bedded in. Once they have been run down the road for a few hundred miles or so, they can take a lot more storage time but still need to be run up every month or so just to keep oil splashed around in there. We all learned by trial and error for the most part so don't feel too bad about what happened. It shouldn't take another 5000 bucks to fix it. It may be corroded cylinders or it may have a crank bearing problem. If it's a cylinder problem then it may still be correcible by honing. If not then it will cost you a bore job with pistons. It can also be stuck valves but it needs to be torn back down to find the problem.

I've been guilty of storing engines too long as well but I take the plugs out and squirt oil in there now and then with a few rotations of the crank to keep things loosened up.

If Schwalm's is a decent outfit, they will at least try to get you fixed up with the least amount of expense than those that had no skin in that game. You may have to pay some for any mistake that would be attributable to the way it was stored but if it turns out that a bearing had too little clearance then they should lick that calf over and do you right. Don't wait too long or you will be stuck having it done by someone else.
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