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Originally Posted by F.M. View Post
Then why complain here ?? Don`t you think the word will get back to them from some one on F/B and that will just make them get really P/O at you for not getting back to them with all you have said ??..
I'm with noboD. Double-exactly.

Best thing to do is not post this here, but get back with them directly, face to face is best, and hold your composure and get this solved. You've been fooling with it so I would understand if they didn't want to warranty this engine. Propane torch to the cylinders? Yikes.

I would probably have tried the ATF/Acetone mix first. And, you should have run that engine in better then that to begin with. It is 'hard' on any car to sit around and not be run. Probably the worst thing you can do to an automobile.
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