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I'm they will get back to you. I'm more interested in how it was broken in. You say it was run for about 1.5 hours. I might be wrong but that seems a very short time for the engine to break in. I was told 2-300 miles, I've read of 500 miles as the recommended break in. 1.5 hours seems to be about 75 miles and did I read it right, it sat for a while after the run in?

I'm a little confused on the time line, you had the work done a few years ago?
When did you run it for the 1.5 hours, when you got it or a little each year until this past winter?

When you say seized, what exactly are you experiencing? Can it turn over with the crank? Have you looked into the cylinders to see it you can see anything like light rust due to sitting that would imped the movement of an already tight rebuilt engine?
Did you put any oil in the cylinders and drain all water after you shut it down for "storage"?

Did you email them?
When they moved did the numbers change?
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Yea, I'm interested is hearing the outcome on this I hope it's a temporary state and you can get it going with little work.
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