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Default A Young Mans Questions

I was sitting in a mall parking lot the other day, when a young man about 25 years, old approached and said, "Cool ride". I thanked him, and he then asked jokingly, "Has it got a backup camera?". I said, "It has three.", and pointed to the mirrors. "What about collision avoidance?". I said, "It has two systems.", and pointed to my eyes. He was a bit surprised at my answers, so I went on to tell him the car also had locking steering, push button start and variable speed wipers controlled by the gas pedal. Looking a bit puzzled, he stepped back, took another look at the car, nodded his head and left. About five minutes later, I saw him leaving in a jacked up 4X4 with big tires, loud exhaust and lots of chrome. I'd guess his cool ride was worth about three or four times what my '46 is worth, but I wouldn't trade. I think my ride is a lot cooler!
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