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Default Re: Keeping Tailgaters Off Your Back

Originally Posted by Cave View Post
Now, tell me how you posted pictures that display without the reader having to log in, I've asked before and was told it isn't possible.
It's may sound a little complicated, but the images aren't actually uploaded to this page. Instead, I uploaded them to a free image hosting site the kids like:

Click on the "+New Post" button in the upper left, browse for your photos, then upload. You'll get a page with your photo(s) show.

There's a down arrow (V) menu after the web address that shows up when you move your mouse over the image, roll the mouse over it and select "get share links".

In the Share Options page, there's a box for "BBCode (Forums)" with an address that starts and ends with "[img]" "[/img]". Hit the copy button to add it to your clipboard, then start a post here and simply copy that code into your post.

When your post is up, the code is a link to display the image from off-site. And you can use that image on other sites as well.

Not sure if this video explains it easier, but it may be useful.
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