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Default Re: Model A Marine Engine

Originally Posted by Gerard View Post
Where I came from marine conversions were very common, the GAV was left a lone ( two turns open ) and the carb was equipped with a 3 way valve . You start them up with gasoline and after about 10 minutes warming up you switched over to kerosine . you hat to reverse the procedure to switch the engine of .It worked flawlesly in those day's
The friend I bought my 1930 coupe from did the same thing during WWII when getting gas was difficult. He said it worked fine.

Model A engines were common in the Pietenpol. (picture 1) I like the pressurized cold air/carb heat setup on this one. (picture 2)

BTW the early Spitfires and Hurricanes with RR merlin engines could not handle negative G's either. While the fuel injected BF-109's could. You can see and hear the engine of a Hurricane doing a roll cut out in an opening scene of the movie "Battle Of Britain".
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