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Default Re: Battery keeps depleting

Last year I had a new battery that kept going dead also. Took it out and had it checked at the place I bought it from, they said it was good, charged it, and I reinstalled it. After a day it went dead again. I figured that I must have some wiring problem, so charged the battery and checked all the normal stuff, could not find a problem. The next day the battery was dead again, so charged it again and figured I would isolate the battery from the electrical system I disconnected the power supply at the starter switch. Once again the battery was dead the next day. I reasoned that either there was a problem with the starter or the battery. At this point I was more suspect of the battery than the starter. So I once again pulled the battery and took it back to the store, this time they did a more comprehensive test on the battery and found a bad cell. It was a new battery so the store replaced the battery and I have not had a problem since.
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