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Default Born to be born a leaker

This 32 will never rust for sure. It surely is a leaker. I think I will start with new oil pan gasket. Will use a good sealer with the gasket. I guess that normal with a 32 V-8. Back in 32 hardly anyone had a garage to keep there car in. Maybe a barn or chicken coop. Most cars back then were mouse infested with field mice. That why people had cats I guess. My grandfather like Blacksnakes in the barn. Maybe I should keep one in my 32? I don't think the wife would go for that. They done away with Common law wife. That was the cheap way to go back then. Ever run drip gas, use to burn the valves pretty hot stuff. Most fellows use to mix it so not to hot. I think my Junker needs a good dose of drip gas to make it run a bit better.When My grandfather got his first car a Maxwell he learn to drive it in a big field. He talk and scream at it like he did when using a team of horses. He invented a lot go 4 letter words driving that car. By the end of the second week he wrecked the Maxwell and never drove after that. No one would ride with him for some reason. They say I take after him? If I ever get this 32 on the road you better look out.
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