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Default Re: '40 Pickup full restoration project

Originally Posted by Seth Swoboda View Post
Kube, what paint system do you use? Base/Clear, single stage? Also, where do you get the dash knobs, choke, throttle, cigar lighter ect....? Do you buy the reproductions and what source do you find the most accurate and good quality. You really have the project looking good as usual. I'm asking because I have a '40 standard tudor project I'm hoping to get too soon.
Thanks for the kind words.

I prefer base / clear. It is sanded between coats as well as the final sand / buff.

I buy the repop knobs from Carpenter. If I am not mistaken, they are all made by the same guy - Carpenter. To be "correct" the recesses on the "standard" knobs need to be painted white.
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