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Talking Buying Glass

I am one of those people who believes if possible it is better to by from a local business. I am on the last stages of building a 1930 Tudor and have reached the point of replacing the glass in my car because it is plate glass and not safety glass. I priced it with several of the online parts supply places and the price was in excess if $450 before shipping. I called my local glass supplier (I live in Montgomery Alabama and for me that is independent glass here in town) and they said they would be glad to cut it for me and when I got the finial bill it was almost half that and there was no shipping either and they have offered to help install the channel. The end if this tale is simple before we send all our money to the out of town business I would suggest that we look where possible to our local businesses. You might save money, I did, Time, I had my glass the next day, and develop some contacts that can help us when the unexpected happens.
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