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Default Re: 35 Transmission - Getting locked out of Gear

That would be a case for the earlier model 40 types with the angled tower. The VIN number on the case can also pin it down to a year model. Later gears can be installed in he older cases with some limitations. I can see it has a spur for low/reverse gear so it has older stuff in there. It also has the early synchro type. The main thing is that the 2nd/high fork fits the syncho sleeve and that there isn't too much play there, in the shift fork shafts, or the slots where the shift lever makes contact with the shift fork shafts. The synchro sleeve also has to have a good fit on the synchro hub. The main output shaft can have too much play as well

Mac VanPelt's book has a very good list of what gears & shafts work well together. Some things interchange and some don't.

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