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Default 35 Transmission - Getting locked out of Gear

I have a slant tower 1935 transmission mated to my 37 flathead. The problem I am encountering is when coming to a stop, I am used to shifting into neutral and braking to a stop. Shift to neutral, when I take my foot off the clutch, I can feel something move, and boom... shifter wont move. One of the two shift trays (normally the one on the left) has moved (back), so the trans gearing is out of place, and I have to remove the shifter, push the tray forward with a screw driver, re-insert the shifter, and I am off. Engine was just professionally rebuilt, brand new properly adjusted clutch, etc. Trans has not been rebuilt.

I am assuming that the nubs on the shifter have worn down to the point that they do not always properly engage the trays they fit into. Before I try and find a GOOD shifter for a 35, I wanted to see if anyone has had any similar problems.
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