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Default Re: 1940 Ford Brakes

I have had Silicone brake fluid in my hot rod for 30 years,org Lincoln brakes front and rear. Never any problem. I am using it in my 49 Canadian Merc 1/2 ton. Jag XJS 12 front and rear suspension.
Last week I was in Port Angeles and went into an Auto parts store and they had a couple of cans. They blew it out to me as they can not sell it? Why I ask?
Apparently it and ABS does not get along. When the ABS is activated and the rapid snubbing is happening then it foams? and the foam takes a long time to dissipate and the pedal goes soft.
That is what they told me. Any of you heard that?Seems that Dot 5.1 is a replacement as it has a high boiling point but is still Glycol.
My truck does not have ABS so I do not care and the Hot Rod works like a charm.
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