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Default Re: 32 PU steering box tilt adjustment ?

DavidG is on the money. Better to use the pick up sector housing. I'm away from all my stuff but there is an obvious difference in the housings. As DavidG stated they are not that tough to find.
As far as the F100 box, again the mounting in the frame and or box dictate the angle of the steering shaft as it mounts to frame and lands on the bottom of the dash.
On F1 boxes used in 32 passenger cars.... the angle is different..... because...……….. the worm gear mounts under the sector shaft. If you just elongate the holes the steering wheel angle will be uncomfortable. Check out my Instagram page 1932phil and you will see the spacer I made to fill the 1" space between the stock dash and column drop.
Also the four bolts on the steering box are NOT there to adjust the angle of the column they are there for the adjustment sequence.
The best advice I can give is to "follow the Service Bulletin Instructions to the letter" as far as adjusting the steering box.
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