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Default Re: OK! Oldtimers, Gimme your best answer, Stuck Engine

Originally Posted by Terry, NJ View Post
Yes! That exactly what I was told to do. Plus, the head was off and the water neck was off the block. I was able to heat the left side of the cylinders externally. ( inside the water jacket) Because the temperature was at freezing and the block was cold, so I was nervous about heating it in just one place (Actually 4) This method was recommended to me by an old timer, sadly, it did not work, this time! I might try again today (Weather reports are for 58 degrees) If I can't loosen the rings this way, It will point strongly to the bind being the bearings.
Wish me luck!
DO NOT HEAT THE BLOCK!!!ford grey iron castings do not have good memory,you could completely destroy it. The correct solution is to slowly disassemble and put your finger on the issue.using 'old time' methods were ok when you could buy another car for 15 bucks if it didn't fix the issue..even if your 'free it' theres is no guarantee you fixed the problem,and you can make it a whole lot more expensive if you continue 'blind' whats left of your 5k investment,tear it down and fix it correctly while its still hopefully small.
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