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Default Re: After Sandblastig...What have you found...


In 1979 I used lacquer primer and a Rustoleum gloss black enamel top coat (fish oil base), and to date there are not paint failures or rust on those parts.

From 1998 to 2016 I used Krylon epoxy primer and Krylon gloss black enamel on parts that were absolutely rust free. I also used POR-15 Chassis Black epoxy on bare metal with a top coat of Krylon gloss black on parts that had some residual rust, and parts I wire brushed clean.

POR-15 adheres tenaciously to bare metal, clean or rusty but it fades when exposed to the ultraviolet rays in sun light. The Krylon top coat is cosmetic, to avoid fading.

Most importantly, all of my parts were cleaned with lacquer thinner before any painting.

When using POR-15 or other epoxy primers, you need to consider that these paints are very strong thread lockers. Also, epoxy paints adhere very well to human skin.

With POR-15, a little goes a long way. I did my the frame and most of the running gear of my 190A with just two half-quart cans applied by cheap throwaway brushes. Each part was given 2 light brush coats of POR-15. POR-15 flows so well that there are no residual brush marks.
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