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Default Re: Membership dropping, interest too???

Originally Posted by BRENT in 10-uh-C View Post
All good points above, but I don't think you should use a club's membership as a barometer. The reason I say this is think about why someone needs the/a club. Quite honestly, I do not need either club. The majority of the hobbyists today feel the same way. Unless you are attending a club sponsored function, most hobbyists do not see a need other than receiving the magazine. Finding parts can be done more efficiently on the internet. Asking questions about certain details are more quickly and efficiently found on the internet. Receiving a magazine every two months is way too slow for most hobbyists.

The way I think you judge the interest in the hobby is to follow the social media pages specifically for the different marques of vehicles you like. Look at the profile of the persons who are asking questions or showing off their car online. You will quickly see if involves WAY more folks than only the Social Security eligible crowd.
Well written. It's the CLUBS people are losing interest in not the cars. The cars sell themselves they don't need us. The idea of a Club is what needs to be addressed. I am a hobbyist under the age of 40. I grew up in a time were if you had a Buick you joined the Buick Club. Now just join a Buick forum or a facebook group. Clubs really got an up hill battle. We have to prove to people driving horseless carriages that they should also have a good horse. Benny
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