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Default Re: Membership dropping, interest too???

Originally Posted by redmodelt View Post
As I think someone said elsewhere in this string, there are plenty of "old" people that have never joined or wanted to join any of the clubs even if they know they are around. So not joining is not just a young person thing.
And as SteveB31 said..... I witnessed that in my home town of about 950 people.

In the 70's and early 80's there were 15 Model A Fords running around here, 13 of them restored and on the road, within the town limits and out to about 2-3 miles of farm country outside of town. I was the only one who belonged to MAFCA. I'd give the other guys copies of The Restorer, they'd all agree it was a nice magazine, but not one would join MAFCA or MARC they all said 'why?' and kept doing their thing w/o a National Club. We had enough Model A Fords just in this town to form a club
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