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Default Re: Replacement Ignition Coil

Originally Posted by Purdy Swoft View Post
I believe that Ford increased spark plug gap to .035 before model A production ended ... Anyway , I have always set my spark plug gap at .035 on my model A's and most others with points ignition . Spark plug gap had nothing to do with the rpm increase after installing a performance coil . The reason being that the gap had allways been at .035 , not readjusted to .035 after the installation of the flame thrower coil .I agree that more spark plug gap , to a point better burns the fuel . I agree that spark plug gap increased with the introduction of electronic ignition . The coils would have had to have been improved to handle wider spark plug gaps . Standard , ( not necessarily brand) , replacement coils for points ignition will fail rather quickly If the gap is opened too wide ! I have used other performance coils and they all increased idle rpm and noticably improvement performance . This is my experience .
Now you've got my curiosity up! How much was the increase in idle RPM? I need to do some experimenting to see if I can duplicate your results.
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