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Default Re: Wireless Turn Signals

Originally Posted by davehc View Post
I agree , and I still do that along with my turn signals , BUT , it's amazing how many people just wave at you when passing because few people even know what you are doing anymore when useing the arm / turn / thingy .
That is strange, isn't it? I know in California the driving inspector asks the person to show the arm signals before taking them out for the final test (my son just took his final driving test). So how come people don't know what it means? The only people that seem to know are bikers...

But people wave back at you, especially when you are making a right turn arm signal.

On a side note... a guy in a nice mid 60's Corvette pulled up next to me the other day and informed me my right hand tail light had fallen off. I didn't want to embarrass him by telling him I didn't have one in the first place..
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And once again that is just my 1 worth.
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