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Default Re: 2018....First Post!

The coupe fired right up at 24 degrees (very cold for Williamsburg VA) for the trip to the grocery store to get the pork roast, sour kraut and black eyed peas for New Years Day dinner. Good omen for 2018.

Will need many such good omens for the planned drive across the country to Carson City NV to visit my brother. He is also an old car nut. He completely restored our Grandfather's 1932 B Model stake body farm truck. He also has a '46 coupe. If I can beat him in a drag race, maybe he will replace the SBC with the flathead that belongs in that car. With the 3.25 rear end gears I am running, I would probably have a better chance against his Model T. Great for cruising; not so hot for drag racing!

Thanks to all on this forum for all the help in getting my coupe ready for the open road adventure. Happy New Year!
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