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Default Re: Where do I store stuff??

Originally Posted by Tveditr View Post
On a 1930 5 window coupe with rumble seat where do you store jack, tire tool, and other necessary stuff to have with you?

Lots of options:

1. Our 30 Sport Coupe had a recessed pan under the seat (the main seat, not the rumble) - just lift up the bottom cushion to access. I'd guess 5 window is the same. We lined the pan with leftover foam carpet pad to keep stuff from rattling and stored jack, tools, etc.

2. A rear trunk and rack - they can be used with sidemount(s) or mounted with a rear spare using bumper arm extensions

3. There are toolboxes that mount between the front frame horns. There are several versions and some look better than others. Don't think they're still being made but you may be able to find one at a swap meet, eBay, etc.

4. A running board tool box - more common on T but should work on A. Originals are fairly common or you probably can find a modern one that will work. Problem is, you have to drill holes in your running board to mount it. But you can get around that by using a clamp-on "accordian" rack - again, more common on T but should work on A. AFAIK, they're not reproduced but originals are around. Just need to make sure stuff mounted on running board doesn't interfere with opening door(s).
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