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Default Re: Model T as a daily driver

I started this thread a couple of years ago and had not looked at it in a while. There are a lot of comments, but they all seem to agree that the Model T can be a reliable car if it is well maintained, but it is slow and unsafe and should only be driven in rural areas where the traffic is light and the speed limits are slow. I like the comment that the Model T is a wagon with an engine and the Model A is more like a modern car.
For now I have a modern car I drive when I have to travel very far or the weather is bad, but when the weather is clear and there is no salt on the roads I like to drive my 1930 Tudor to work and to the store. I found the biggest problem getting around is not the Model A, but the other drivers. People do not understand hand signals or the limitations of an older car. The car looks stock, but it has a lot of modifications to make it fit into modern traffic...
Here is what has been done to my Model A....LED headlights, LED taillights, LED turn signals, LED brake light in the rear window. It also has shock absorbers, the new Coker radial white wall tires and even retractable 3 point seat belts...and a manifold heater so I don't freeze.
I think for now I will stick with my Model A, but will still plan to get a Model T after my son graduates from college and i convince my wife I need one.... :-) But, when I get a Model T I plan to upgrade the lights and the brakes.
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