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I fired up my 8BA today. This is probably the first time this motor has run for many years. This is the one I was working on last winter. I put in new rings, con rod bearings, some new valves, new valve springs and honed the cylinders. You may recall I also repaired two cracks with Irontite plugs and received a lot of input from this forum. Once I located my very ancient timing light and got it to work, the motor fired right up once I got the timing mark on the pulley lined up with the pointer. I only ran it a few minutes because I still need to connect the radiator but I wanted to hear some thunder.

I do have a question. The motor is just sitting on a cart made out of a shopping cart which came with the motor when I bought it and is not connected to anything. Somewhere I seem to recall that one should not run the generator without having it connected to something even if it's only grounded. Is this true? I see three connections on the generator which I believe should be Field, Ground, and Battery but I'm not sure which is which. Any advice would be appreciated. I don't know if the generator is any good but I'd hate to wreck it.
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