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Default Re: Trans identification (year)

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The conversion from open to closed drive requires the replacement of the rear retainer-mount assembly and the main output shaft. If you have another transmission such as a 1941 side or remote shift type, you can use all of the gears & shafts from it to build up a top shift transmission. As Hoop mentioned take care if you only want to transfer partial pieces & parts. 16 tooth input shafts have to mate to 28 tooth counter shaft cluster gears(both front meshing gears). The tooth counts vary and there are four or five different ratio sets. This depends on what you are putting the final assembly into. If you have a good cluster & input set, the 1st/reverse slider and the second gear are all basically the same with a few exceptions. The main output shafts for all the car transmissions with closed drive are basically the same after 1939 or at least they are interchangeable if you have the correct 2nd gear with the correct shaft. The pickup or open drive output main shaft is longer and will only work for open drive.

I'd suggest you get a copy of Mac VanPelt's light duty 3-speed transmission booklet. It tells you everything you would need to know on these old cog boxes and helps ID stuff that will interchange and stuff that won't. It's invaluable to have for the early Ford cars & pickups
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