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Default Re: Trans identification (year)

You mentioned that it may have the "open drive rear housing set up" - it did in fact have a rear transmission mount that is different than my '41 mount but I had planned on using the '41 mount that I already have that fits in my '41 frame with the closed drive shaft / torque tube set up. When we removed the rear trans mount bracket we noted that the main shaft had a gear on it to facilitate the speedo gear that was built in to the trans mount bracket assembly. I also noted that the speedo gear that is on that transmission shaft actually acts to hold in the whole shaft assembly with a slip ring holding it in position. I was hoping that I would not have to take that off and replace it with some type of spacer over the shaft in place of that speedo gear. I suppose this sounds familiar eh? Do you know if it will simply fit into my standard '41 rear trans mount, or will I have to change some things afterall???
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