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Default Re: Garage Sale Model A

December 2 2017 I was talking with a fellow I used to work with over coffee.
He said he needed to clean out his pole barn to make space, and had a Model A that he had bought 27 years earlier and needed to sell.
I told him when he was serious I would like to look at it, he says lets go look.
I really was not planning on starting a project but had always wanted to restore one. He said it had been over 30 years since it ran, the engine was free though
He made a price offer and I new I could part it out for that so I agreed.

I paid him on the spot, before he could change his mind.
Trailered it home the next day, unloaded the inside and found a lot of stuff I had no idea where it went or what it was, there was even a pretty unused Binks spray gun in there.

The inside load
After getting rid of the mouse debris, cleaning out the oil pan, starter, generator and setting up a jumper on the ignition, 3 days later I started it up.

Trying to learn faster than the bank account goes down
Most of the driveline has been done and now starting on the body, I need to find a mentor nearby to point out what I am missing
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