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Default Re: 60 mile per hour all day long?perhaps..

Originally Posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
What make of engine is that broken crank from?
SCAT cranks in Vw engines,its a common occurrence.

In my opinion balancing is critical for engine and drivetrain life.Adding rotating mass like counterbalancing can be offset by flywheel lightening but if your not building for speed why?the additional mass has a dampening effect of its own.Kinetic energy is stored in rotating mass,to translate that into operator terms more kinetic energy means smoother clutch function and shifting,torque transfer impulse is moderated by the weight.

The engine I first worked on as a boy,that propelled me into a career, has taught an old dog a new trick.Till the last week i never knew babbit can de-laminate from tinning..that reason alone has changed my mind about babbit and precision insert bearings,Ive never seen this type of failure from inserts.

To add to Mr.Chauvins axiom,a customer trained in the use of measuring tools will rarely fall victim to slipshod engine builder practices..unless such provider hasn't mastered pouring bearings,you cant catch that mistake prior to failure.
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