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Smile Re: Paint color choice

The judging is focusing on how the car or truck came off the assembly line. And in 1929 all trucks (it is believed) came off the assembly line painted a specificcolor and black wheels without white wall tires. If you study all the Ford photos you will see a very good example of what I am saying. This means you can paint it another color but you will be docked some points for it. Not a problem as long as you realize that. I am sure some were painted red for fire dept use but this was done at the dealer or a private coach builder and not off the assembly line.
The colors for 29 commercial are:
  • Rock Moss Green
  • Black
  • Commercial drab
  • L'anse green
  • Gunmetal blue
In 1931 due to saggin sales the factory started to offer an assortment of colors to the commercial clients but only to boost sales. Fleet colors were started at this point and continue to this day.
If you are new to this hobby I welcome you to the greatest hobby in the world!
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