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Default Re: The QUAIL is Peeing again....

The rubber o-ring did fine last season, but then this time, it starts leaking as I get the speed up on the highway. The O-ring sits in place of the original gasket, which did not seal well enough. The overflow tube is clear.

Jkeesey, I'm really not sure, it just comes out from under the cap.

Here's another thought. I got some information last year that the water pump impeller may be moving the radiator too fast and that I should grind the impeller blades down somewhat. I did that and it seeems to have alleviated the problem somewhat, but maybe the blades need to be ground down a little more. My son has the metal working machinery and has said he would take it down some more for me if I want. The problem is that the radiator has to be pulled again. Not a job I care to take on now IF I can find another solution....

What are your thoughts on this, anyone...?????
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