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Default Re: One that got away

This is a similar question posed to me at the MSRA Back to 50's weekend, which car you would want to have back that you owned. But of course that is another legnthy tread no doubt!

However, my answer applies to this posting. Knowing I would never have the money for some of the cars I would have like to have, always a nickle or 6000 short etc, was mostly the case. Be it a 64 Falcon Convert, 70 Chevelle SS or a Cammer.

My answer is it didnt get away, I will get it now, by building it. I have more enjoyment out of finding that "right" car to build, or having it find me (another post) and then doing the rest.

I dont have that one car list, as in my mind, I will get to it and build it.

Selling the ones you build..another post
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