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Default Re: One that got away

Heer's my heartbreak story.

I was 17 and found a 1956 Chevy convertible on the back lot of a carlot. It had a couple of flat tires. Body was good, engine smoked a little. I bought it for $100.00.
My brother in law helped me rebuild the engine. Had a new top put on it.
Got married in 1966. I was 19. Got drafted three months later. Went to Nam, I live in Southern Cal and dreamed of coming home and putting the top down and hitting the coast highway.

Returned home, my wife picked me up in this 1966 Plymouth 4 door (think ADAM 12) pos. She told me her father found it and told her it was a good deal. We got home and when I didn't see my Chevy in the parking area of our apartment house I asked her what happened.

It wouldn't start one morning so she sold it to my brother (He who was known as the destoyer of cars). Found out later that the battery was dead. he paid her $60.00 down and promised to pay her $40.00 later.
He blew a head gasket and traded it in on a Corvair.

It's still a big sore spot as you might have guessed.
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