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Default Re: One that got away

In 1973 I was 17 yrs old, driving around in my '55 Ford ( I still drive today). I happened upon a fabulous looking car parked in the woods behind a RV/camper dealer off Illinois Route 162 not far from home. I went back in there to take a closer look. It turned out to be a 1952 Lincoln Cosmopolitan 4 door sedan. It had power steering, power windows, power front seat, an overhead valve V8 engine and an automatic transmission. WOW. The valvo covers on the engine had LincolnV8 stamped in them, and I thought that the engine must have come out of a later model car. Later, I learned that This was Lincolns first OHV engine and it was 417 Cu in. WOW. The car was 100% complete except someone apparently had stolen the radiator while it sat back there in the woods. The hood was stuck open and it wouldnt close. Later I talked to the man that ran the RV dealer about it and he said that it was his dads old car be he was not aware that the radiator was gone. He said that he would be willing to sell it. I started to save money to buy it but not long after that I noticed the car was gone and found out that someone from out of state had come and carted it off.
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