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Default Re: 1956 272 flywheel

Originally Posted by JSRTUDOR View Post
Thanks, so I can use any Y block flywheel and it will fit in the 272 bellhousing. Is there a way I can easily identify a Y block flywheel at a swap meet?

The flywheel has a dual purpose. The thickness and weight of the metal smooths out the rotation of the crankshaft when the cylinders are firing AND the ring gear around the flywheel engages with the starter drive so that you can use it to start the engine.
The big deal in this case is that your flywheel must be at the perfect diameter to permit the starter drive to engage with the ring-gear. Secondarily, you will NEED to get a bellhousing to fit around that flywheel that also bolts to any Y-block engine.
The good news is....all Y-block flywheels and bellhousings 1954-1964 are interchangeable. must match the clutch housing size to the flywheel. Your original 6-cyl clutch may be a 9 or 9-1/2". Its a good bet that you wind up with a flywheel for a 10" clutch. I personally would not want a smaller clutch for a Y-block, bigger if anything. The largest clutch size offered in 1956 was the 10".
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