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Default Re: Sedan delivery auction

Originally Posted by sawzall View Post
i was there.. that J*ck*ss auctioneer sold CRAP off a farm trailer for an hour IN THE rain / SNOW before he started selling car parts. I lost all respect for him that day.. ALL.
That must be a common occurence Many auctioneers do that.

Stood in the rain and snow and in and out of a barn one day for SIX HOURS trying to buy a really nice May West gas pump, a Fry 117, all original and in very very good shape. It had been in the farmer's barn for ever.

Every time the auction would progress towards the gas pump he'd turn and go another way. Finally at the end of the sale he announces 'Ladies and Gentleman the star of today's auction.....' He shot off some ridiculously stupid opening bid and 'somebody' bit right away and it was off to the races. That was obviously some sort of scam it was a set up. I'd guess the pump was already pre-sold so it didn't matter what it bid. That and he was pulling bids out of the air pointing to people who weren't there. Never went to another one of his sales ever again and never will. 6 hours plus traveling time (60 mile round trip) of my life I never ever got back.

A different sale a different auctioneer, they were selling a guy's Model A collection and parts. He had gone to a nursing home and the money was going towards his care. He had no family left. He had a lot of NOS stuff. 'Mike' was getting everything for a buck or five bucks, the auctioneer would call out '$1 and then yell 'sold' Mike gets another one. They sold a super nice short block for a buck, a NOS McCord radiator still in the box for 10 bucks, and on and on. Mike really made out whoever he was. Several of us complained and the auctioneer snapped at us and said 'If you want to bid, get your hands in the air so we can see you.' I was standing right in front of the truck in front of the window. A--hole I crossed that outfit off my list too! Another 100 mile round trip. To make matters worse I stopped in that town and got gas and somebody stole my credit card info. When I got home the credit card company was calling and said 'Did you just buy $700 worth of stuff in Dubai?" I said "I don't even know where Dubai is??"
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