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Default Re: Sedan delivery auction

Originally Posted by 77Birdman View Post
It was one of those missed opportunities, a local auctioneer who is also a car collector decide to hold his own auction. He was thinning his collection and was selling a dozen or so t birds and lincolns. There was a mismatch of cars there, from 80's junk to a few early cars. There were i think 3 model a sedans that all sold for around $5k. And they were nice older restorations. I stopped by to take a look just because the place was about a mile from my house. I didnt even bother to register as there wasn't anything there i was looking for and after looking at the condition of the 'As' i figured they were going to be out of my price range.

i was there.. that J*ck*ss auctioneer sold CRAP off a farm trailer for an hour IN THE rain / SNOW before he started selling car parts. I lost all respect for him that day.. ALL.
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