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Default Re: One that got away

Well this is like a stake in the heart. Working at a Ford dealer in Detroit they pushed in a Mustang in my stall from the used car lot and said "just get it running" they were going to wholesale it. When I walked up to it I saw it was a 69 Boss 429. Only thing wrong with it was the aftermarket electric fuel pump had a kill switch that someone accidently hit. I could have picked it up for 1K. Just out of the service, not a pot to piss in I had to pass. Plus I was building a 427 for my 63. I did take it for a road test though(no plates). Scary. They fly. The only other factory car I drove that might have been faster is that Supercharged SuperSnake Mustang. I have to sign off now I'm starting to choke up.
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