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Default Re: One that got away

Oh boy, this thread should generate some good stories! Mine's not that great and I have suffered no long term affects from it - that I know of.

Mine was a Mustang.

I'd just got out of the Air Force, ended up working a metro Detroit Ford dealership in the early 70s, a parts guy. Ocassionally I'd make the run to Motown to pick up "will-call" (daily parts order) at the depot. One day I got back to the shop and noticed a ragged out, sickly looking '65 'stang convertible sitting in back of the used car lot. Called the boss - "How much?" reply "Not much, if you want it get it outta here TONIGHT". Done, Drove it home SLOWLY, with wifey following. Next day I ask "How much?" Reply: "$50.00". Done!

It'd been rode hard - very hard. 289 2bbl, T10 4gear, power top, power steering. Everything was tired. Had the engine rebuilt added solid cam/lifters, 4bbl, dual points, etc., replaced the top, etc. etc.

About a year later life had started getting in the way. Kids, mortgage, less work/less pay (remember '74? the gas crisis? Recession?) . . . I think nearly everyone knows that drill. Ended up having to sell the 'stang just to keep the wolves away. $1200.00. I nearly cried at the time.

But in hindsight - no regrets. Still got the wife, the kids, the house.... and a much nicer car - my '56 Vicky.

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