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Default Re: Stuck Piston Rings

Originally Posted by grumppyoldman View Post
I had some luck using ATF on a smoking car by trickling it through the carb. keeping the throttle opened to keep it running. You want to see smoke, that will do it. Get the engine hot first then use the ATF or MMO, after it runs for a little while pouring the fluid, pour enough fluid in to chock it down. Let it sit overnight then it may run ok after all the fluid is burnt out of the muffler and tailpipe. If you have close neighbors, do it when they are not at home, it will smoke them out. Al
I remember my dad using diesel fuel like that. It smoked like all hell, but would loosen carbon, free gummy or stuck valves, & stuck rings. It seemed to work. It would smoke up the neighborhood so bad that one time the fire department showed up.
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