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Default Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Very nice '24 with a rather good restore with new paint and upholstery and top sometime about 30 years ago, and still nice. Only needs to be cleaned.

Tires look like new too. The Ruckstell 2 speed axle adds value, and its been tour updated by the original Ruckstell shift lever removed (oval hole in floorboard) and a newer assessor left hand shift lever added at the emergency brake slot. Those were made only about 10 years ago or so.

Should be able to run again, may need nothing but gas tank and carb clean out if stored with tainted fuel, and new coolant, battery and perhaps some minor things, less than $200 to get her going my guess!

If there is a title that adds $500, without one, deduct that.

Ordinary black tourings, '23-'25 bring about $8-10k in running shape as this one should be. Add a bit for the Ruckstell to the right buyer, that would be another $2k.
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