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Default Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

My grandpa recently passed away at 100yrs old and left behind a number of cars, tractors and even an airplane. He has a 1924 Model T Touring, purchase from the original owner back in the 50's. About all I know about the car is that it has the factory electric start option and the two speed rear axle. It's been in his barn and hasn't been driven in a good 5-10 years. It was running before being parked, but currently does not start. As far as I know everything in the car is original.

Trying to decide if we are going to keep the car or put it in auction. Unfortunately I do not know much about Model T's, or the costs to fix/restore. Can anyone give me any information on what car like this would be worth in current condition? If I keep it and want to do a light restoration to clean it up and get it running what would I expect to spend? I would probably want to get mechanicals cleaned up so its reliable and fix up the interior. Body work seems to be pretty good shape. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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