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Default differential questions new

ok, here's where i am.
1. following tom endy's plan.
2. carrier preload. assembled carrier with spider gear "tri-spindle" (no
3. put r. axle housing on banjo (no axle or gaskets) bolted down to 35 ft/lbs.
4. put l. axle housing on banjo (no axle) 2 thicker gaskets. bolted down and
ring gear spun freely.
5. took l. axle housing back off and added 1 shim behind the l side bearing
already have 1 shim on both bearings.
6. put l. housing back on and bolted down to 35 ft.lbs and ring gear still
rotated but did not spin. i think if i add another shim to r side (making it
2 shim on both sides is will make it too tight.
7. took axle housings off and inserted pinion gear ass'y and drive shaft in
banjo and added thrust washer and tightened large nut until i felt
resistance. initial resistance was a little more (as noted in Mr. Endy's
instructions) added locking washer and jam nut.
8. wow, carrier preload check
9. pinion preload check
10. put r. axle housing back on with 1 thicker gasket on put carrier back in
(no spider gears or axles) put l. axle housing back on with 1 thicker
11. so now i had 1 gasket on each side
12. gears clicked when when turning the drive shaft slightly in both
directions. like you can hear the teeth making contact with each other.
13. doesn't seem right. will i hear that if i fill banjo with final oil. or do i
have to redo the preloads?
14. i know this is a repetitive thread and its not helping anyone else. but
i'm stumped.
thanks for your patience and help
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