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Default Re: EFV-8 Club of America 2015 ENM in Charlotte/Concord, NC, June 8 - 11

Originally Posted by glennsanders View Post
I saw them being built and so did john and also we talked to Dennis in his factory about the rumours. That what it is rumours. Tony you calling us liars.Come on man what do I to have gain.My word still means the truth. Can you all say that.
Glenn I am not calling you anything !!!
I were with a large group , we all seen the same , we are all from the Charlotte area . What do we have to gain ???? My word has always been nothing but the truth !!! Are you suggesting otherwise ? if so come clean !!!
All I know & have stated is what we all seen ! Do you know what the "Law" requires to call a product "American Made "? If so Please , Do tell !!!
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