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Default Re: EFV-8 Club of America 2015 ENM in Charlotte/Concord, NC, June 8 - 11

Originally Posted by KiWinUS View Post
Strange ! I toured his museum about a year ago with a group & we went through a room with a table where they were being assembled . All the boxes the components were being taken from to build the cars said "Made in China " These did not look like boxes the parts were just being stored in but upon my close inspection appeared to be the boxes the components were shipped in .
Just my personal observation.
Soooo I must say I am a little confused about our conflicting stories .
Interesting, conflicting info, for sure! I've always heard that: There are two sides to every story, and then......there is the TRUTH. DD

I may not be the BEST, but I'll do 'til he gets here!

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