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#1 Test the switch - disconnect all wires from switch. Using an ohmmeter or multimeter place one lead on one terminal and the other lead on the 2nd terminal. The meter should indicate the switch is open, no continuity. Slowly press on the brake pedal and watch when the meter responds or indicates making contact or continuity. If the meter responds accordingly, the switch is good.
#2 Connect (-) 6 volt wire from battery (not ground) to left screw terminal. Using meter on dc voltage setting touch (-) probe to 2nd terminal and the (+) probe to ground. You should see 0 volts. Depressing the pedal the meter should indicate 6 volts. This proves the switch is working and the brake pedal connection is adjusted properly.
#3 Test light socket - Connect the stop light wire (-) going from the switch to the 2nd terminal on the switch. Remove the lamp from stop light. Connect the meter as in step #2 (one probe on the lamp socket contact and the other probe touching ground). The meter should indicate 0 volts. Have someone step on the brake pedal and the meter should read 6 volts. If this test fails you have a wiring problem or a poor ground.
I recommend soldering a wire to the outside of the lamp base and screw connecting it to a body member. This will guarantee a good ground. The lamp bracket usually has a rubber gasket. This can insulate the lamp base from being grounded properly.
Install the lamp and it should work.
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