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Default Re: Tutorial: patch repair to worn pinon splines '37

Originally Posted by tubman View Post
Good for you for trying this. It's always a good thing to be able to successfully fix something rather than replacing it. Which chemical company had the motto "Better Living Through Chemistry"? This has never been more true than now, what with glued together airplanes, glued on sheet metal etc. I have no doubt that this will probably work fine.

A case in point. When I bought my Corvette in 1987, I found it had a stripped thermostat housing mounting bolt. I could have replaced the manifold (not an easy task even back then), or try to effect a repair. I decided to try to fix the stripped hole with a "Loc-Tite" product intended for just such purposes. I followed the instructions and it seemed to work fine; the bolt took the specified torque with no leaks. Two years ago, I did a valve job on the car, which involved removing the thermostat housing. When I took it apart, I remembered my 30 year old repair. Upon inspection, the threads looked fine. On reassembly, the bolt went in fine, took the specified torque, and still doesn't leak.

I'm a believer.

As I recall, DuPont gave us "Better Living through Chemistry".
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