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Default Re: Saving a family treasure...(1936 1and1/2 ton)

Update and question..

Thanks again for all the advice on here, it has really helped me get the ball rolling on some stuff I need, and need to do. I got a new set of tires ordered that look the Goodrich ones that are on them.... (does anybody know when Goodrich became BF Goodrich, because the old truck just has "Goodrich" Anyhow today we are getting some rain, so will be working in the shop again, so if I get a chance, i'm going to clean out what's left in the bed, and dismount it from the truck, leaving just the frame for cleaning. yesterday I was soaking all the fasteners I was underneath the truck, and decided to check the back differential for oil. I was full of oil, with no water. I was glad to see that!

Dad and I have two different color schemes we found we like for the truck, of course we are leaning to closest to what Pop had it in the 30's, but we will see..

My last question is a random one as usual as I just get things on my mind, but the hood hinges on the hood, are they the same as the half ton pickups? I'm assuming they are. They still are kinda functional on the hood, especially the ones on the side, i'd thought about keeping them and just replacing the more damaged on in the top center, it has detached from the hood in places.
Thanks again.....Bret.
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