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Default Re: Saving a family treasure...(1936 1and1/2 ton)


I found a guy locally that is really familiar with the flatheads, so I have got it to him to get his take on what we are going to do with it. Got more parts coming in, I should have everything I need to run the engine again when we get it overhauled, or whatever it needs. The key is stuck in the column drop ignition, been trying to get that out as the passengers door handle is locked, but the door will open on the inside. Today however with all the attempts the key broke off in the ignition, so any ideas on how to unlock it now are welcome..

Fixing to take off the bed, then will do some more cleaning, and probably get some tires on it. It is slowly but surely coming together! Sometime, not sure when, i'm going to start trying to free up all the tie rods and linkages that initiate the mechanical brakes, it's all froze up. Then will tackle the brakes themselves.

we are calling it "Project: Pop Palmer's Truck"..
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